Navigating extraordinary times

No doubt everyone believes that the times they live in are extraordinary, but one of the benefits of the times we live in is the vast information at our fingertips, and in our faces, every day. In this issue, we provide even more information, as well as context, to help us better understandand even thrivein the times in which we live.

In “American Muslim students need understanding and support,” on Page 20, we look at the special circumstances facing Islamic students and learn ways to better assist them face challenges while we help non-Muslim students and staff understand the rich cultural and religious traditions connected with the faith.

In “When your smartphone has the wrong answer, see your teacher,” we take a close look at New Jersey’s Student Learning Standards for Social Studies. The story, which begins on Page 25, explores how the standards can assist students sift through the vast amounts of information, and misinformation, that is available to them.

The Trenton Education Association (TEA) continued its yearlong, intensive look at combatting institutional racism with a community forum featuring educators, activists, researchers, students, and citizens. Read about TEA’s solutions in “Trenton EA talks institutional racism solutions with community, national partners” on Page 28.

Our school security guards play a vital role in keeping our students and staff safe and ensuring our schools are secure places in which to learn and work. We talk to the school security staff at Burnet Middle School in Union Township to take a closer look at the work they do and the impact they have in “Union Township school security guards: Building strong schools one child at a time” on Page 34.

As always, NJEA members are working together to ensure that our students have what they need to succeed in school and in life. We are proud of our great public schools, and we are committed to maintaining and improving them. We know that our future depends upon them.

Thank you for all that you do to make our public schools great and to help our students succeed.



 Wendell’s Picks

@agrieco024: My class had so much fun celebrating #DrSeuss for #readacrossAmerica week. Thanks for the supplies and enthusiasm @Teachwithbiffle @NJEA

Ann Marie Grieco, a third-grade teacher at Eleanor Van Gelder School in Edgewater Park, tweeted about a great day celebrating Read Across America. See Page 42 in your copy of the Review and for photos from events around the state.


NJEA is proud to introduce the new, which was launched in early March. It looks great and works well on your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop.

Advocacy training
2017 Summer Leadership Conference

It’s hard to believe it in April, but now is the time to decide what workshop you’ll want to take at the 2017 NJEA Jack Bertolino Summer Leadership Conference. Click here to learn more, and see your local president for a registration brochure.

Making schools safe
Union Township security guards

School security staff members are among the unsung heroes of our public schools. They build positive relationships with students and often serve as their mentors. Read about James Frazier and his colleagues at Burnet Middle School in Union Township.

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