NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia:

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

By now, we are all beginning to see the extent of the damage from Hurricane Florence. It has ravaged communities in the Carolinas and Virginia, leaving behind a trail of pain and loss. The huge, slow-moving tropical storm has caused 32 deaths, and additional fatalities are feared as floodwaters fill more streets and homes. Although its hurricane-force winds are gone, catastrophic flooding, widespread power outages, and overall disruption are compounding the hardship.

In the spirit of solidarity and compassion, please visit our Hurricane Resources and Relief web page and contribute to the NEA Member Benefits’ Disaster Relief Fund for NEA members. You were so very generous last year after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. I know I can count on the NEA family once again to open your hearts to those in desperate need of our help.

In many communities, our members will need ongoing contributions and support to make it through this difficult time. They need to know we are here for them, and that we share their sorrow and empathize with their pain.

Let us keep all affected members and communities in our thoughts and prayers. Our compassion and generous donations will help restore their hope that tomorrow will be better.

In solidarity,



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