NJEA members have access to the NEA Retirement Program, offered through NEA member benefits. It is your Association-sponsored* retirement savings solution!

Did you see the NY Times series on some of the plans being marketed to educators?  With exorbitant and hard-to-understand fees, those plans are often not the best fit for educators trying to build a secure supplemental retirement account.

Check out the NEA Member Benefits Retirement Planning Center for general information about all the resources NEA offers members in planning for long-term financial security. While you are there, you can also learn more about the NEA Retirement Program, including the NEA DirectInvest Program that offers low-cost options to NEA members.

Local leaders: in order for your members to take full advantage of these retirement savings options, your district will need to create a payroll slot to allow members to make contributions directly from their paychecks.  Here is information you can share with your district about how to do that.

*NEA Member Benefits sponsors the NEA Retirement Program. NJEA does not sponsor this or any provider of investment products.

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