When Chris Christie and Steve Sweeney schemed to shut down New Jersey and hold the state hostage to their political demands, one leader in Trenton stood up to them.

Assembly Speaker Vinnie Prieto refused to let Christie and Sweeney use a manufactured crisis as an excuse to raise insurance costs for 3.8 million New Jersey residents.

While Chris Christie lounged on a suddenly private beach and Steve Sweeney struggled to justify his insistence on passing a bill that he admitted was flawed, Vinnie Prieto was working to get New Jersey back in business.

As a result of his leadership, New Jersey got a budget that better reflects our progressive democratic values, and didn’t have to pay a ransom to Chris Christie to end his budget hostage crisis.

Take a minute today to thank Speaker Prieto for his bold leadership and for standing up against the Sweeney-Christie team.

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