It has been decades since the New Providence EA has begun a school year without a contract. But on a rainy Monday evening, Sept. 17, over 100 members marched a half mile from the high school to the district board office. Members reminded the board that they will be heard. New Providence district is a highly ranked school district in Union County, and educators there are not used to this type of delay. That is why they had such a high turnout for this first mediation session.

President Glen Robertson led his members through a main intersection in town, umbrellas at the ready, on a march that ended at the Board office. Many educators and members of the community expressed disbelief that the board would not settle.

NJEA President Marie Blistan addressed the membership at the board office and called the stalling tactics a disgrace. Secretary-Treasurer Steve Beatty also expressed his support during his comments. The negotiating team entered the session backed by the cheers of the membership, looking forward to a fair settlement.



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