Next Generation Science Standards workshop Series 2022-2023

The Science Education Institute at Raritan Valley Community College offers a series of workshops for K-12 teachers and supervisors on how to support students as they investigate and make sense of phenomena in the classroom. Through these workshops, participants will explore all aspects of effective Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned instruction. 

The workshops will be led by Dr. Wil van der Veen, author and a nationally recognized expert on the NGSS and science education. The workshops will be held at Raritan Valley Community College in Branchburg. Each workshop begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. Light breakfast and lunch will be provided. 

The fee is $125 per workshop per teacher. Participants will receive five professional development units for completing each workshop. 

To register, visit or visit our website at For more information contact Tina Gandarillas at or 908-526-1200 Ext 8942. 

This workshop series is supported by a grant from the New Jersey Space Grant Consortium. 

Nov. 2: Using Core Ideas to Construct Explanations for Science Phenomena  

Develop productive phenomena to drive instruction and explore how students can use core ideas explicitly as they make sense of these phenomena. 

Dec. 7: Engaging Students in Practices Using Performance Tasks 

Use NGSS Practices to develop meaningful sequences of three-dimensional performance tasks that guide and support students as they make sense of phenomena. 

Feb. 8: Making Crosscutting Concepts Explici

Explore the connection between NGSS practices and crosscutting concepts and use crosscutting concepts to frame questions and focus three-dimensional performance tasks. 

March 1: Using Explanation and Argument to Assess Student Learning 

Explore the difference between explanations and arguments and how they can be used to assess student learning. Discuss claim-evidence-reasoning (CER) and how to use it more effectively with NGSS. 

March 29: Defining Problems and Designing Solutions for Engineering Phenomena 

Explore how engineering is different from science, and to use core ideas in science to define engineering problems and design solutions for engineering phenomena.