Community colleges are the largest provider of higher education in New Jersey, enrolling more than 325,000 students annually.

45% of all students who earned a bachelor’s degree from a New Jersey college or university had previously completed courses at a community college.

Students who complete their first two years at a New Jersey community college before transferring to a four-year school save $21,000 in tuitionthe most in the country.

New Jersey community college students do very well when they transfer. New Jersey is the fifth-best in the county in students going on to complete their bachelor’s degree.

More than 6,640 employees work full-time at one of New Jersey’s 19 community colleges.

52% of NJ community college students are enrolled part-time.

55% of NJ community college students are female, 45% are male.

70% of NJ community college students are aged 17 to 24.

Data courtesy of the New Jersey Council of County Colleges.




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