NJEA’s officers, President Marie Blistan, Vice President Sean M. Spiller and Secretary-Treasurer Steve Beatty, issued this statement thanking Congressman Donald Norcross for his statement in support of New Jersey’s public employees and opposing proposals to put public employee pensions and benefits on the ballot:

“We applaud Congressman Norcross’ bold stand on behalf of New Jersey’s dedicated public employees. Our members have devoted their careers to making New Jersey’s public schools the best in the nation and giving our students the best possible opportunity to succeed. Too often, that dedication has been met with disrespect and attacks on our profession. It is encouraging to know that elected leaders like Congressman Norcross acknowledge that New Jersey must live up to its obligations and treat its public employees with respect.

“For over a year, NJEA members have worked in good faith with many elected leaders to achieve real, sustainable health care reform that provides relief to our members, saves money for employers and maintains access to high quality health care. We believe that cooperation and teamwork will yield the best results for our members and for New Jersey and we thank Congressman Norcross for endorsing that approach.”

Here is Congressman Norcross’ full statement:

“We all share the common goal of upholding the pension and health care commitments made to our state, county, municipalities and school board employees. The issue is how best to meet these promises. I believe we cannot let New Jersey fall to the ways of Washington but should instead work together to resolve tough issues. That is why I oppose any effort to place pension and health benefit reform bills on the ballot. Instead, all parties should come together to work on solutions that keep our promises to New Jersey workers. I am happy to participate in a dialogue with legislators, the Governor and union leaders to work together to meet New Jersey’s obligations to its workers.”

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