NJEA’s officers, President Marie Blistan, Vice President Sean M. Spiller and Secretary-Treasurer Steve Beatty, applauded Gov. Phil Murphy’s State of the State address today, releasing the following statement:

“Gov. Murphy continues to lay out a progressive, pro-worker, pro-New Jersey vision for the future.  Two years in, we are beginning to see the results of that vision, with a strong, growing economy and that is bringing greater fairness to working people through accomplishments like paid family leave, sick leave and a rising minimum wage.

“Gov. Murphy has been a champion of New Jersey’s public schools and the dedicated professionals who make them the best in the nation. He’s invested in public education, from preschool through college, and is working to restore our schools to full funding. He recognizes that strong public schools are the key to building a stronger, fairer New Jersey for all of us.

“He understands that keeping our public schools strong requires treating school employees with respect. He restated his commitment to working with the Legislature and public employees to provide relief from the unfair and unsustainable burden of Ch. 78. Achieving that relief for school employees this year, while also lowering health care costs for employers, is a win-win solution that is good for everyone in New Jersey.

“Gov. Murphy also acknowledged the particular importance of Educational Support Professionals in New Jersey’s public schools. He understands that those talented and dedicated professionals deserve job justice, including due process and the assurance that their contracts will be honored.

“As we enter a new legislative session, we stand ready to work with Gov. Murphy and legislative leaders to achieve Ch. 78 relief, job justice, and full funding for our public schools, in order to keep those schools the best in the nation.”

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