NJEA has launched an ad campaign on TV and online in support of the Ch. 78 bill that was passed unanimously by the Senate in March but still awaits action in the Assembly.  The ad highlights the benefits that the bill will bring to New Jersey in a time of crisis, benefiting educators, school districts, property taxpayers and the state budget.


The ad, scheduled to run at least through May, takes a very positive tone, saying:

In times of crisis, we pull together.

So NJEA and legislators are working on health care reform bill will save hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

As soon as the Assembly acts, Gov. Murphy can make it law. School districts and property taxpayers will save hundreds of millions. The state budget will get a boost. And educators’ families will get needed relief.

In a crisis, action matters. It’s time for the Assembly to act to get New Jersey back on its feet.

NJEA members can support this effort by contacting the Assembly today.

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