The NJEA PAC Operating Committee met tonight to consider endorsing a candidate in the Republican gubernatorial primary. Tonight’s meeting followed a March 20 meeting of the NJEA PAC Screening Committee, at which members met with Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno and reviewed a questionnaire submitted by Joe Rullo. According to NJEA policy, the screening committee can only consider candidates who either submit a questionnaire or meet with the committee. No other Republican candidates met the criteria to participate in the screening process.

After deliberation, the screening committee submitted a recommendation to the PAC Operating Committee not to endorse either candidate in the Republican gubernatorial primary. Tonight, the PAC Operating Committee agreed with that recommendation and voted not to endorse any Republican candidate for the June 6, 2017 primary.

NJEA’s Government Relations Director Ginger Gold Schnitzer addressed the committee’s decision. “Our goal in participating in the gubernatorial primary election process this year, for the first time, was to give our members real choices on Election Day,” said Schnitzer. “Our members are tired of voting for the candidates who have been chosen for them. They want to take an active role in choosing the candidates on both sides of the ballot. While they were able to enthusiastically endorse Ambassador Phil Murphy, unfortunately the Republican candidates fell short of the mark on too many issues to earn our members’ support. We are proud of the work our members did throughout the primary endorsement process. We will continue to work for the election of pro-public education candidates across New Jersey and to encourage our members, regardless of political party, to run for public office.”

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