NJEA supports A-336, a bill that would waive the annual teacher evaluation requirement for some teachers who supervise student teachers. To be eligible, teachers must have received either highly effective summative evaluation ratings in the past two years, or effective/highly effective in the past three years, and be supervising a student teacher.

A-336 is sponsored by Asm. Troy Singleton and Asw. Marlene Caride. Caride is the chair of the Assembly Education Committee, which will be hearing the bill on June 15, its first hearing since the measure was introduced in 2016.  There is no Senate version of the bill.

TEACHNJ (P.L.2012, c.26) requires that student performance must be a part of a teacher’s summative evaluation rating. For all teachers, student performance is judged based on objectives that the teachers set in conjunction with school administration. Teachers of math and language arts in grades 3-8 are also judged based on student performance on the PARCC test. Since TEACHNJ became law, teachers have been reluctant to accept student teachers, concerned that student achievement could be lower and negatively impact their summative rating.

This bill will incentivize teachers to accept student teachers.

Supervising a student teacher is hard work. Instead of the possibility of being penalized due to a lower evaluation rating, this bill will reward effective teachers who supervise student teachers by making them exempt from evaluation.

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