NJEA together one day longer, one day stronger

When schools across the state closed in mid-March in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, teachers, educational support professionals, administrators and school boards had, in many cases, less than 24 hours to figure out how to run a school district and deliver remotely nearly everything a school provides. Custodians found themselves on the front lines to sanitize schools and many school nurses found themselves on the front lines at coronavirus testing sites.

NJEA officers, local and county association leaders, and staff found themselves on the front lines ensuring that members’ incomes, rights and benefits were protected while members made sure their students were safe, fed and educated.

And everyone worked together while also struggling to make sure their own families were safe in the midst of this global pandemic.

NJEA created a website, njeatogether.org, as one way to support members and the families they serve. It offers a virtual place to find resources for your instruction, to find information on COVID-19, to discover resources for your own physical and mental health, to connect with your fellow members, to ask questions, and to share your story. There’s even a place for the families you serve to take a moment to thank you.

Here is a sampling of the many photos that have come into NJEA from njeatogether.org and the stories behind them.


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