NJEA announces a vacancy for a UniServ Field Representative in the Region 5 (Burlington County) office.


  1. Provide UniServ service in the following areas:
    • Coordination of NJEA-NEA resources into local associations, including professional development, instructional improvement and human relations
    • Negotiation service to local associations
    • Contract administration/grievance adjudication
    • Local member consultation and individual service
    • Public relations and publicity at the local level
    • Legislative and political activity through local action
    • Local organization business management and membership promotion
    • Leadership development training
  2. Work with assigned UniServ Coordinating Councils and clusters of local associations.
  3. Represent and promote NJEA-NEA among New Jersey school employees.
  4. Identify, analyze and take action on problems of concern to the membership.
  5. Interpret NJEA-NEA research materials as necessary.
  6. Work with NJEA Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee and other NJEA committees to protect the legal and professional rights of members.
  7. Help local associations resolve student disruption problems.
  8. Secure information for members and associations in such areas as insurance, travel, certification, and pensions.
  9. Speak before local and county associations, college students, parent-teacher groups, service clubs, state organizations, etc.
  10. Coordinate and/or direct representation elections.
  11. Share responsibility for the operation of an NJEA-NEA UniServ office.
  12. Assign part-time consultants and coordinate their activities.
  13. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the executive director, UniServ director, or the UniServ assistant director.


  1. Employment experience in a public school or college.
  2. Experience in organizing and administering public school/college employee association activities.
  3. Personal experience and background in association activities which demonstrate a high degree of intelligence, integrity, imagination, and leadership ability.
  4. Experience in initiating, planning, and executing activities in association work with a minimum of guidance.
  5. General knowledge of the statutes, regulations, and case law governing the civil, employment, and professional rights of New Jersey school employees.
  6. Experience in drafting and negotiating written comprehensive agreements, representing school employees individually and collectively before school boards and other appropriate bodies, and counseling members with employment-related problems.
  7. Knowledge of and experience in public employer-employee relations including mediation, fact-finding, and grievance and arbitration procedures.
  8. Knowledge of such items as negotiation unit definitions, unfair labor practices, scope of bargaining and crisis management.
  9. Ability to write and speak effectively.
  10. General knowledge of and experience with communications and public relations techniques including working directly with news media, community and civic groups, and local and statewide public officials.
  11. Ability to analyze and utilize research data.
  12. Ability to work long hours and under great pressure over extended periods of time.
  13. Experience which demonstrates an ability to make calm, reasoned, mature judgments
  14. Ability to work cooperatively with all other staff members.
  15. Commitment to and knowledge of NJEA’s objectives and philosophy.


The deadline to submit résumé and request application via email at pmanahan@njea.org  is October 23, 2019.  Completed applications are due by November 6, 2019, to Patrick Manahan, Regional Director South.  Applicants must include the job title of the position for which they are applying the subject line.

An application will be forwarded for completion based upon review of the submitted résumé.

NJEA is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.


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