NJEA’s endorsed candidates sweep primary elections

In a victory for students and public education, all ten of NJEA’s endorsed congressional candidates won their primary elections yesterday. They will now advance to the general election on November 8.

NJEA’s officers, President Sean M. Spiller, Vice President Steve Beatty and Secretary-Treasurer Petal Robertson, released this statement:

“Every vote and every election matters, and we are proud of the NJEA members who voted yesterday to support pro-public education candidates for Congress. This November promises to be a hard-fought election and we look forward to helping elect all ten of these advocates. When our members choose to support a candidate, that comes with far more than a public endorsement. It comes with a commitment to work for their election.

“The stakes could not be higher this fall. From school funding, to gun safety, to making sure public education remains truly public and truly open to all students and families, our elected representatives in Washington, DC will help determine the future of our profession and the opportunities our students have to succeed.

“We look forward to working with these public education advocates to ensure that the voices of students, families and educators are represented in Congress next year.”