The New Jersey Retirees’ Education Association is proud to announce that this year, in addition to its traditional two and four-year scholarship programs, a new scholarship will be offered for students pursuing post-secondary Trade, Vocational, or Career and Technical Education (CTE) degrees and certifications. This award is a one-year (renewable) scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

This new scholarship is named in honor of Walter P. Krichling Jr. – who served throughout his lifetime in a variety of positions with NJEA, NEA, and NJREA. Most recently, Walter served as First Vice President of NJREA.

NJREA will offer the following scholarships annually:

  • Elizabeth A. Allen 4-year Scholarship
  • Isabelle M. Hickman 4-year Scholarship
  • Fred E. Aug 2-year Community College Scholarship
  • Walter P. Krichling Jr. Trade / Vocational / Career and Technical Education Program Scholarship

These scholarships are available to students who will graduate from a New Jersey public high school by June 30, including vocational-technical and public charter schools.

See the Scholarships page for details and application forms.

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