In a continual effort to increase efficiency and ensure consistency within NJREA, the NJREA Constitution and By-Laws Committee have put forth recommended changes to the association’s constitution and by-laws.

In accordance with past practice, these changes have been made available in this publication for member review prior to adoption. Full documents, complete with a side-by-side comparison of existing language and proposed changes, can be viewed on the NJREA webpage.

The following proposed changes will be voted upon at the April 27 NJREA Delegate Council meeting:


Article I  Name and Affiliation

Section 1:  Add “and be incorporated as a non-profit corporation under Title 15-A, Sections 2-8 of the New Jersey Domestic Nonprofit Corporation Act.” at the end of line 2.

Article III  Membership

Paragraph 3:  Add “For the purposes of statewide voting,” line 1 before “persons whose legal residence…”

(New) Paragraph 4: “Members may join additional CREAs under the rules of each CREA.”


Article I   Duties of Officers

Section 2: Insert “The President may, with the approval of the Executive Committee, appoint a co-chairperson to committees as needed.”

Article II   Powers and Duties of the Executive Committee

Section 3:  Delete “plans” and insert “objectives” in line 1. Insert “fiscal” in line 1 after “coming.”  Delete “for submission to the Delegate Council.” and insert “and submitted to the Delegate Council at the first meeting of that fiscal year.”

Article IV  Order of Business

Letter C: Change “Treasurer’s” to “Financial.”

Letter H: Eliminate “H: Unfinished Business” Re-letter “I: New Business” and “J: General Member Input” as “H” and “I” respectively.

Article V   Quorum

(New) Section 3: “A majority of Committee Members of any NJREA Committee shall constitute a quorum for that Committee. A simple majority of the quorum present is necessary to pass any motion.”

Article VI   Annual Dues

(New) Section 5: “Members who join additional CREAs are responsible for paying dues directly to each additional CREA.”

Article VII   Duties of Committees

Section 2: Letter A: Delete “NJREA Committee Chairpersons and” in line 1 and “following meetings of NJEA or other such meetings” in line 3. Insert “written” before “reports” in line 2.

Section 2: Letter B: Delete “and NJREA Committee Members” in line 1. Insert “written” before “reports” in line 2. Change “the meeting” to “their committee meeting” in line 2. Delete “following meetings of NJEA or other appointments.” in line 3.

Section 5: Letter F: Insert “chair” after “committee” in line 5.

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