As of Jan. 1, retirees now can participate in the NJWELL program, which encourages School Employees’ Health Benefits Plan (SEHBP) members to stay healthy through wellness activities. Participation in these activities includes monetary incentive. The addition of the NJWELL program is just one of the improvements that enrollment in an Aetna Educators Medicare plan will provide.

The focus of NJWELL is to help you set goals for optimal health by participating in healthy activities. Staying current on your preventive health screenings and participating in online activities and personal wellness coaching can have a big impact on maintaining or improving your health. Under this plan, both the member and a covered spouse or partner can each earn up to $250 per year, a potential return of $500 per couple.

Additionally, if you are an “early” retiree (one who is not Medicare eligible) and are enrolled in the Horizon Direct Zero or Aetna Freedom Zero plan, you and a covered spouse or partner can participate in NJWELL. Non-Medicare retirees can earn up to $500 per year, or $1,000 per couple.

The program goal is to earn 800 points by participating in the required and optional activities. Upon reaching that goal, retirees are eligible to receive a $250 MasterCard/Visa® prepaid card, or they may select a retail gift card. The NJWELL program starts anew each year on Nov. 1, so qualifying points must be earned by the following Oct. 31.

There are two required 100-point activities each participating member must complete to apply towards their annual 800-point goal:

1. Obtain a biometric screening.

2. Take an online health assessment test.

Note that all information is kept private and will not be shared with unauthorized personnel.

Members may also visit the website to find additional screenings and activities recommended to earn the additional 600 points needed to attain the reward.

Activities and point values

Some screenings and exams will need to be recommended by your physician, and certain coaching points and online activities are only available for individuals identified as eligible based on their biometric screening and/or health assessment results. Members are not eligible to acquire points for both online coaching and telephonic wellness/disease management coaching, and some activities have point limits.

• Age/gender appropriate screenings — 25 points each (including annual gynecological exam, mammogram, pap test screening, colon cancer screening, prostate screening)

• Dental exam (one annually) — 50 points

• Skin cancer screening — 50 points

• Vision exam — 50 points

• Annual physical exam — 100 points

• Flu shot — 100 points

A maximum of 150 points total for the following three options:

• Online coaching — 150 points

• Online activities — 50 points each (for a maximum of 150 points)

• Telephonic Wellness/Disease Management coaching — 150 points

To learn more about the NJWELL program, click here.

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