Pledges to work for Ch. 78 relief

Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver today was introduced as Ambassador Phil Murphy’s running mate and candidate for lieutenant governor. In her remarks, she expressed her full support for the progressive agenda that earned Murphy our members’ endorsement in both the primary and general election.

In Oliver’s official remarks, she addressed the concerns of public employees who have been burdened by the onerous health care costs imposed by Ch. 78:

“Let me speak directly to the public employees of our state: I know that as a result of Chapter 78, you now make less while paying more. You met your end of the bargain only to see the state once again fail to live up to its commitments.

“Chapter 78 was an imperfect piece of legislation, made worse by Governor Christie’s and Lieutenant Governor Guadagno’s outright refusal to fund the pension system. I have seen firsthand the impact this Administration has had on your lives and on our state. That is why I, like Phil, have supported a constitutional amendment to fund our state’s pension system. That is why I, like Phil, will work to provide real relief to public employees taking home less pay each year due to rising healthcare costs. And that is why I, like Phil, will always treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve.”

She also spoke forcefully about the need to provide needed resources to schools, particularly higher education.

NJEA Vice President Marie Blistan, who attended the announcement, expressed her strong support for the Murphy-Oliver ticket.

“I’m excited about the Murphy/Oliver team because our members have a tight screening process and have endorsed Ambassador Murphy not once, but twice for Governor. Ambassador Murphy’s choice of Speaker Emeritus Oliver is a sure-fire sign that they are committed to the working families of NJ and its workers. Oliver is a proponent of higher education, equal wages for women, anti-privatization laws, and a fierce opponent of vouchers. I’m excited to see this strong team and we’re going to need every ounce of strength to overcome the destruction of public education by the Christie/Guadagno administration.”

Go to Ambassador Phil Murphy’s Facebook page to watch the full announcement.

Watch Assemblywoman Oliver’s comments on Chapter 78 below.

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