The NJEA Elections Committee encourages members to register to vote online for the 2019 NJEA elections. To do so, go to or your Profile page. Sign in using your PIN (found on your NJEA membership card) or the email address through which you receive email from NJEA. Your password is the last four digits of your Social Security number, unless you’ve changed it.

Look for the section below and choose to receive your ballot electronically.

Balloting opens on April 1 and concludes at noon on April 15. You will again need your PIN/email address and password to vote. You can vote online even if you did not previously register. The first ballot that NJEA receives (paper or electronic) is the one that will count. All ballots will be encoded to ensure both member privacy and ballot security, while protecting the principle of one-person, one-vote.

The initiative is designed to improve member participation in the Association’s democratic process while reducing cost of conducting the annual elections. 

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