As the United States celebrates Labor Day, NJEA President Marie Blistan, Vice President Sean M. Spiller and Secretary-Treasurer Steve Beatty released the following statement:

“The Labor Movement is the backbone of our nation. Workers built our country into what it is today and workers continue to protect the future of this country. Unions, with their ability to organize people, have always been our country’s most important resources against the dangers of corporate greed and unchecked power. Today, as we reflect on all those who’ve come before us and all that lies ahead of us, we are filled with inspiration, hope and the resolve to never stop fighting for what is right for working people. As educators, NJEA members preserve the future by standing up for what’s right for children and public education every single day. As union members, NJEA members ensure that our country’s greatest investment, our children, have all they need to succeed in life and to build a better nation everyone.”

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