An NJEA-sponsored program is reaching out to parents throughout New Jersey. A FAST initiative, the parent conferences are organized at local level and are held at local schools, as a collaboration with FAST, local associations, and the Latino Institute. FAST stands for the NJEA program known as Families and Schools Work Together for Children.

The local association plans the conference and selects the workshops to be presented. The event consists of a general session with a keynote speaker and two workshop sessions.

Conferences may be conducted in a bilingual mode or entirely in Spanish.

Among the workshop themes:

    • Managing Stress in the Family

    • How to Listen So Young People Speak

    • What Parents Should Know about Social Media

    • Sexting, Texting and Bullying

    • Resiliency and Educational Achievement

    • College Financial Aid, Basics for Parents: SAT, FAFSA, HEESA

    • Parental Rights and Special Needs;

    • How May Parents Contribute in Reducing School Violence

    • What is STEM and What You Need to Know

    • Helping Children Improve their Study Habits

    • Self-Esteem and Enhancing Educational Self-Improvement

FAST encourages families to become involved in their children’s education, to feel welcomed in public schools, and to enhance academic progress. FAST is a coalition of education advocates, community groups, and schools working together to foster family involvement.

The Latino Institute was founded in 2004. For the last 15 years, it has offered empowering workshops and conferences on diverse themes to New Jersey parents. Additional information on the Institute may be found at

For more information about the parent education conferences, email Michael Rollins at

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