FAST Takes Off in Trenton

Families and Schools TogetherThe Trenton Paraprofessional Association (TPA) and Trenton Education Association (TEA) have been using the FAST program since NJEA implemented the program in the fall of 2001. The locals work closely with Trenton Superintendent James Lytle and Rev. J. Stanley Justice, the education chairperson of the Concerned Black Ministers of Greater Trenton and Vicinity.

At a recent FAST Leadership Breakfast at the Mt. Zion Church, Justice commended the FAST team and noted that word of the program’s success was rapidly spreading.

The Trenton FAST team offers a variety of activities to encourage family involvement, such as essay contests, workshops, and community events. The team also began offering MegaSkills training specifically for fathers. “We also have some volunteer dads who agree to serve as mentors and role models for children growing up without their fathers,” explained TPA President Betty Glenn.

The Trenton FAST team is also working to eradicate school violence by sponsoring a series of anti-violence events at the middle school level. Events include a spoken word presentation, rap and poetry, and MegaSkills training.