"If we all take the time to see and understand what it takes to properly educate our children and give them every possible tool to succeed we will truly be able to come together and present a better educational system for our children and our State’s future."
-- Assemblyman Troy Singleton

  • Assemblyman Singleton's thoughts on being "Teacher for a Day"
  • Assemblyman Singleton becomes teacher for a day

    Published on Thursday, January 3, 2013

    Assemblyman Troy Singleton 
    Assemblyman Singleton assists a student with his writing assignment.
    On December 20, April Newman’s third grade students at Willingboro’s Hawthorne Elementary School experienced a rare opportunity when they welcomed Assemblyman Troy Singleton as their Teacher for a Day.   

    In the days leading up to Singleton’s participation in NJEA’s Teacher for a Day Program, he spent time with Ms. Newman planning and preparing lessons, as well as learning about her classroom rules and expectations.

    The students were prepared for Singleton’s visit, and extremely excited! In addition to instructing classes for the day, Assemblyman Singleton, along with the Mayor of Willingboro, performed an induction ceremony for the school’s Student Council representatives during a school-wide assembly.  The students in Mr. Singleton’s class, as they referred to him for the day, proudly bragged to their peers that he was their teacher for the day.

    In the classroom, lessons in math and writing went on as they would on any other given day.  Soon the Assemblyman knew all of the students’ names and was able to call on them to participate without pausing from his lesson, which helped keep the students engaged.  While the students worked on a writing prompt about a snowman, Singleton graded papers from the math lesson he taught earlier in the day.  Once the students finished their rough drafts they eagerly came to him for assistance with proofreading and revisions. 

    Singleton took the time to read each story, praise each student for a job well done and then re-read each story with its author. He reminded the students to use a dictionary to look up how to spell a word, and encouraged them to expand their ideas.  There was a busy hum in the room as the students worked, as well as high-fives exchanged and big smiles on the faces of students and teachers- both Ms. Newman and Mr. Singleton- as students felt successful.  Assemblyman Singleton may have been the Teacher for a Day, but in a sense he was a student too, and finished the day with an unforgettable education.

    “This was a great opportunity for Assemblyman Singleton to meet and interact with our fantastic students and staff,” said Vicki Benedict, Willingboro Education Association President.   “We are happy that he experienced the daily activities of our students and had the opportunity to see firsthand the top notch education that goes on in our schools."

    Assemblyman Troy Singleton becomes teacher for a day

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