Paul Shapiro – Belmar Elementary School

Thunder Spirit 106 School Spirit Award Winner – October 2016

Why does this person deserve the School Spirit Award?

As a parent I respect the commitment he has to our children. He goes above and beyond what the expectations of his job are. Mr. S is available from 7am (or earlier if needed) until at least 4/430 pm on most days. He encourages the love of math, breaking it down so that they understand. Mr. S will hold test reviews every Thursday AM/PM and Friday AM so that the students have an opportunity to review anything they may not be sure about. He does this consistently. Mr. S went out of his way to make practice packets for the 8th graders taking the placement tests for the specialty schools and he would meet with them to review any questions they had or to teach them further information. He has videos online of the lessons for each week so that students can view them to aid in the comprehension of math. And the absolute best thing, although he is “super-duper, really, really, no kidding around strict” (as my daughter said) the kids truly respect and like him. He always has a smile on his face, at numerous after school activities and knows every child. He truly loves the work he does and it shows in every aspect. He truly is deserving of recognition for the heart and soul he puts into his profession. My now 9th grader states that, besides the required algebra, what she learned in his class; time management, the importance of note taking, maintaining a neat and comprehensive notebook, review techniques; has assisted her in her transition into Biotechnology High School. She placed high on her entrance exam for Biotech HS in part due to the review packets and help that Mr. S provided. My 6th grader is rediscovering her love of math in his class this year and that is all due to the way Mr. S teaches. The school will have a huge loss when he retires!

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