In Howell Township Education Association (Monmouth County), seventh grade science teacher Josh Langenberger of Howell Township in Monmouth County, was awarded a $1,390 grant for Project HEAT. The project aligns itself with the Next Generation Science Standards adopted by the State Board of Education and addresses the unit on Structures and Properties of Matter. Additionally Project HEAT addresses the NGSS Middle School Learning Goals of Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science.

Howell Middle School South students construct tiny houses from cardboard with the goal of creating the most effective insulation to prevent the transfer of energy between two physical areas. The probewear specifically provides evidence in the form of data to assist students in visualizing changes in particle motion and temperature as a result of adding or removing energy. Using the data and visual imagery, students create an iteration to their original design and evaluate its effectiveness by comparing data. Electronic data collection devices are commonplace in today’s world and should be similarly visible in school science classrooms. The availability of probewear and data-loggers fosters a visual, real-life graphic representation that cannot be achieved as effectively using traditional methods of measurement.

This project has partnership funding from an Educational Foundation Grant to provide lighting used for thermal energy and iteration testing. Due to the grant’s focus on purchasing non-consumables, the expected duration of this program is eight years. With successful modeling of the probewear, the school district may be motivated to explore the purchase of additional probes to create a more engaging, modern, science experience.

For further information, contact:

Josh Langenberger
732-836-1327, ext. 6851 (school)

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