NJEA members are represented at the National Education Association (NEA) by two groups of members: those who are elected as delegates to the annual NEA Representative Assembly (NEA RA) and those who are elected to a seat on the NEA Board of Directors. The NEA Board of Directors is responsible for setting general policies between the annual NEA RA meetings.

The board also produces a newsletter following many of its meetings that can be downloaded at njea.org/neadirectorsnews.

The board meets four times per year and at other times it deems necessary to conduct association business. The board consists of one director from each state affiliate, at-large directors to meet representational guarantees and representatives for students and retired members. Each state is entitled to an additional director per 20,000 active and life members.

NJEA has nine state directors on the board who are elected by the NJEA Delegate Assembly for three-year terms. Two additional NJEA members currently sit on the board who were elected at the NEA Representative Assembly (NEA RA): one representing ESP, one representing preservice members. Finally, one of the NEA Executive Committee members, also elected at the NEA RA, is an NJEA member.

The names of NJEA’s NEA Directors can be found on Page 6 of every NJEA Review in the left-hand sidebar.

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