The UniServ regional director is responsible for the overall direction, administration, and supervision and implementation of the UniServ division and program within a specific region.  The regional director is administratively responsible to the deputy executive director.


  1. Direct, administer, and supervise the activities of UniServ field representatives, associate staff employees, and part-time consultants within an assigned UniServ region.
  2. Be responsible to direct the employment process, employment interviews, hiring / non-renewal / dismissal recommendations, evaluations, training, discipline, counseling, mentoring, etc. of regional UniServ division personnel within an assigned UniServ region.
  3. Work with the deputy executive director and the other UniServ regional directors to provide efficient and meaningful service to members and affiliate leaders through the UniServ program.
  4. Direct, supervise, and promote NJEA membership and organizing activities within an assigned UniServ region.
  5. Participate as a liaison with the NEA in a joint effort to carry forward the UniServ program in New Jersey. Participate in NEA sponsored UniServ management meetings and trainings.
  6. Be responsible for budgeting, implementing and managing NJEA’s strengthening locals program within an assigned region.
  7. Be responsible for implementing and managing NJEA workshop / training approval and reimbursement program within an assigned region.
  8. Work with the deputy executive director and the other UniServ regional directors to evaluate the effectiveness of the UniServ program and work for its improvement as necessary and appropriate.
  9. Work with the deputy executive director and the other UniServ regional directors to assist in the development of goals and lead regional implementation of programs that support the collective bargaining process.
  10. Work with the deputy executive director and the other UniServ regional directors to assist the development of goals and lead regional implementation of strategies that support member and community organizing.
  11. Work with the deputy executive director and the other UniServ regional directors in the setting of goals, and development of materials, training, and strategies that support the use of data in collective bargaining and organizing. Lead regional implementation of data based collective bargaining and organizing strategies.
  12. Conduct UniServ staff meeting/training sessions within an assigned UniServ region. Work with the deputy executive director and the other regional directors to develop and implement statewide staff training.
  13. Be responsible for locating, leasing, purchasing, furnishing, and managing UniServ regional office sites.
  14. Participate in the selection, supervision, evaluation, and training of UniServ division interns and apprentices.
  15. Supervise and direct the UniServ part-time consultant program, including employment interviews, hiring / non-renewal recommendations, evaluations, training, discipline, payroll, and annual reports within an assigned UniServ region. Work with the executive deputy director and other division directors to plan and implement SLC and other part-time consultant  training programs.
  16. Develop and present UniServ regional budget recommendations.
  17. Maintain effective control and efficient use of regional UniServ budget and funds. Maintain and process appropriate financial records.
  18. Act as liaison between the various headquarters divisions and regional UniServ staff members in order to carry forward the overall NJEA program (i.e., government relations, executive office, business, research, communications, organizational development and professional development).
  19. Attend meetings of the NJEA Delegate Assembly, Property and Personnel Committee, Executive Committee, UniServ Committee, and other NJEA groups, as necessary.
  20. Work with staff members and affiliates in campaigns, local disputes, and crisis situations. Manage financial and staffing assistance as necessary.
  21. Help develop, promote, and support NJEA’s policies and programs.
  22. Promote leadership training and other activities designed to maintain and strengthen local and county affiliates.
  23. Meet with the UniServ Committee and work with other NJEA committees as assigned.
  24. Provide back-up field work as necessary and appropriate.
  25. Conduct at least four UniServ regional office meetings per year. Utilize appropriate technology to plan and hold virtual meetings as necessary throughout the year.
  26. Work with other division directors and managers to coordinate and integrate initiatives that support NJEA’s mission.
  27. Work in the role of management staff contact for NJEA committees and/or workgroups. Some examples of these assignments are (but not limited to): Working Conditions Committee, Urban Education Committee, County President’s Council, Staff Collective Bargaining Committee. Manage and implement projects connected to these assignments (training, workshops, conferences, etc.)
  28. Perform such other duties as may be assigned or required.


  • A candidate for this position should possess the general qualifications required of an NJEA manager, including a high degree of intelligence, integrity, creativity, and leadership ability.  He or she should be able to direct the activities of a UniServ region and contribute to the management decision-making process within NJEA; have prior staff experience, and a diversified background in association activities, including but not limited to organizing, negotiations, grievance adjudication, instructional issues, public relations, legislation, political action, membership promotion, leadership training, and organizational management.
  • He or she should show leadership ability in training groups, motivating others, managing staff, and coordinating campaigns; be familiar with standard procedures in budgeting, financial management, personnel management, and collective bargaining; demonstrate considerable knowledge of the legal structure, organization, and operation of public schools and colleges; and possess the ability and personality to direct and supervise the activities of UniServ division personnel.
  • This position requires leadership skills, initiative, self-motivation, and administrative competence.  Ability to speak well and write with professional skill and authority is essential.  The individual must possess sufficient physical and emotional stamina to spend long hours – nights and weekends, as necessary – helping to resolve difficult and sometimes controversial situations.
  • Applicants must have experience in public education and organizational activities. Bachelor’s/master’s degree(s) desirable.


Salary at director level.


The UniServ regional directors shall be assigned to a UniServ region under the supervision of the NJEA deputy executive director.


The deadline to submit résumé and request applications via email at is Dec. 1, 2020.  

An application will be forwarded for completion based upon review of the submitted résumé.

NJEA is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

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