S-2606/ A-4352

What would it do?

S-2606/ A-4352 would provide relief to Chapter 78 by tying public employees’ premium share for health benefits to a percentage of salary instead of a percentage of premium cost. This bill would reduce the amount most NJEA members pay toward their health insurance and return fairness to the bargaining table.

Where do legislators stand?

S-2606 State Senate Sponsors

  • Cryan (LD 20)
  • Diegnan (LD 18)

State Senate Co-Sponsors

  • Turner (LD 15)
  • Rice (LD 28)

A-4352 Assembly Sponsors

  • Schaer (LD 36)
  • Reynolds-Jackson (LD 15)
  • Quijano (LD 20)

Assembly Co-Sponsors

  • Caputo (LD 28)
  • Dancer (LD12)
  • Holley (LD 20)
  • Danielson (LD 17)
  • Giblin (LD 34)
  • Benson (LD 14)
  • Carter (LD 22)
  • McKnight (LD 31)
  • DeAngelo (LD14)
  • Chapparro (LD 33)
  • Chiaravalloti (LD 31)
  • Jasey (LD 27)
  • Tucker (LD 28)
  • Verrelli (LD 15)
  • Vainieri Huttle (LD 37)
  • Land (LD 1)
  • Timberlake (LD 34)

Email your legislators and urge them to support this bill!

Or call 855-891-CH78 (2478)  to contact members of the Assembly State and Local Government Committee and ask them to hold a hearing on A-4352.

Committee members:

  • Assemblyman Vincent Mazzeo (D2), Chair
  • Assemblywoman Shavonda E. Sumter (D35), Vice Chair
  • Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R25)
  • Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight (D31)
  • Assemblyman Ryan Peters (R8)
  • Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (D15) (a sponsor of the bill)

Sample phone script

Please be sure to add your own personal story describing how Ch.78 has impacted you, your family and your profession:

Hello.  My name is_______ and I am a (position in school/retired).  I live in (town.)  I am calling to ask you to please hear A-4352 in the Assembly State and Local Government Committee.  This bill would change how mandated health benefits premium sharing for public employees is calculated and restore fairness to the bargaining table.

I hope I can count on your support.

Thank you.


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