Hashtags for educators

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Be sure to follow this hashtag to discover all the new events and enriching programs being offered at the NJEA annual convention in November. Tweets from the convention floor in Atlantic City can help guide you to some of the most interesting places on the convention floor.


When school funding is being threatened by legislation or other financial hardship, follow this hashtag for the latest discussions.


Follow this hashtag for everything happening in the State of New Jersey.


When the news and the newsmakers are hyping opinion as fact, this is where you can go for the truth about schools and education in New Jersey.


Follow this tag for information related to how the state is undercutting public education in New Jersey.


Check in with #njrally to find out if a pro-education rally is being planned near you.


NJEA created the Teacher for a Day program to allow individuals from the community to experience an entire school day. Under the watchful eye of a regular classroom teacher, Guest Teachers perform all the duties a teacher would do in a normal day. Follow along with the Guest Teacher while they “walk a mile” in educators’ shoes.


The NJEA Hipp Foundation offers grant opportunities to all New Jersey public school employees. Get ideas for your classroom by reading about the successful projects that other educators are implementing in their classroom. You can apply for a Hipp grant today!


Find out where the NJ County Teachers of the Year are speaking. Follow along with the discussion on education topics. Using statewide forums, and various forms of local, state and federal outreach, NJTCY will effectively bring together the voices of teachers and other members of the educational community.  This is your chance to join in these important conversations.


Interesting facts from NJEA Winter Leadership Conferences South, North and Central.


Find information being discussed at the NJEA ESP Conference.


Find out what’s happening at NJEA Summer Leadership Conference.

General education hashtags


Created by educators Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson, and Shelly Terrell, #edchat offers a great platform for discussion among teachers and other professionals related to education. Follow along with weekly chats hosted each Tuesday at 12 pm and 7 pm with teachers from around the world to discuss weekly topics.


You'll learn about education technology resources, new web tools for students, and how other educators are putting technology to work in the classroom and beyond.


Everything from classroom management to learning from homeschoolers is covered under the #education hashtag. This resource moves fast, with lots of users participating. This is a great place to go when you start using hashtags.


The community offers an ongoing discussion, but scheduled chats occur each Thursday from 8:30 to 10 pm. Discuss topics surrounding learning in formal, informal, social and mobile formats. It’s a great way to find out exactly how students learn.


If you’re on the hunt for learning resources to use in your classroom, #edapp is an awesome hashtag to follow. Through #edapp, you’ll be able to find apps for learning, including mobile and web apps. You’ll find newly discovered apps, updates, and ideas for getting the most out of these powerful educational tools through the #edapp hashtag.


Educators share their resources for improving classroom learning, along with news, debates, and more that can all help you become a better teacher in the classroom.


The #teaching hashtag offers a roundup of everything that’s relevant to instruction and teachers.


Not everyone associates “teaching” with “playing,” but being active is an important part of healthy learning. The #playoutdoors hashtag is full of awesome insight for getting your students moving through outdoor learning activities and more.


Education is at a crossroads today, and many are joining the discussion on how we might improve the state of learning. Tune into #edreform to find out about ideas for reform, what’s being done, and what’s really wrong in education today.


Education isn’t just happening in your classroom, it’s going on all around the world. You and your students can benefit from worldwide learning through the resources and knowledge shared on #globaled.


Created for teacher training and leading, this hashtag offers a great opportunity for questions, answers, and more in educational leadership. Find out about effectiveness in school leadership, improving training for teachers, and more from #cpchat.


This hashtag is made just for newbies. Find resources, inspiration, and news for becoming a better teacher, even if you’re just starting out.


Teachers today know that learning can happen anywhere, thanks to the phenomenon of mobile learning. Follow the progress of mobile learning where participants share new and exciting ways that teachers are using mobile devices like iPads, mobile phones, and Kindles for learning anywhere, anytime.


Just as mobile learning is important for teachers to follow, elearning is vital as well. Teachers can follow this hashtag to find out how others are putting elearning to work in education. Just about any teacher can find inspiration, news, and help for starting or expanding elearning in their classroom from #elearning.


This hashtag for English teachers follows educators as they teach students to read and write. See how graphic novels can be great, find out which young adult books are popular right now, and discover how teachers are inspiring young readers in this Twitter chat. Stop by each Monday from 7 to 8 pm for the weekly chat.


Social studies teachers can benefit from #sschat, where teachers discuss their resources and teaching methods in social studies. You’ll find apps for teaching, methods for learning, and find out what other teachers are doing in their social studies classrooms. The #sschat gets together each Monday at 6 pm for discussion.


Math geek teachers can get their fill of math talk through #mathchat. This active group discusses fun ways to present math problems, resources for streamlined learning, and sometimes even shared misery. Any math teacher, or fan of mathematics, can find great entertainment and value in this chat.


#scichat is full of interesting tweets, from weird science stories to online resources for learning more about and teaching science. Tune in Tuesdays at 9 pm or join the conversation around the clock for enlightened science discussion for teachers and geeks alike.


Artistic learning is important to students getting a full education, but so often it gets pushed aside in favor of learning deemed more important. Check out #artsed to find out why arts are vital to education for students, and how you can keep the arts alive in your classroom.


Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are so important to our future as a society, so as a teacher, it’s your job to make sure that your students are receiving an adequate education in these subjects. You can get help by checking out the #stem hashtag, which offers government insight, news, resources, and great ideas for making students stronger in STEM subjects.