Social Media at the NJEA Convention

To generate excitement about Convention and to help members engage electronically while in Atlantic City, NJEA dramatically increased our social media presence at the 2011 NJEA Convention with great results.

NJEA created a blog,, and began posting information and updates in September. NJEA maintained the blog through Convention with a total of 42 posts. During Convention, the blog had nearly 800 hits as members accessed the blog for up-to-the-minute information, photos, and video.

NJEA used our two Facebook accounts, “New Jersey Education Association” and “NJEA,” to connect with members about Convention and provide links to the Convention blog. During Convention, we posted more than 25 times on the two Facebook pages and had additional information available on the two “Events” pages for the 2011 NJEA Convention. More than 450 people posted that they would be attending the Convention.

NJEA used our Twitter account, @NJEA, to post live updates from important events at Convention, most notably the Diane Ravitch speech when we posted 59 times with quotes and information from her speech. NJEA also encouraged people to use the hashtag #NJEAConv to help people searching for information about Convention find it easily. NJEA added more than 50 new followers during the two days of Convention.

Since video has become an increasingly important means of communication, NJEA used YouTube to build excitement about Convention in September and October. NJEA produced two videos, “Stocking Up” and “I’m Synching,” to highlight two facets of Convention of particular interest to our members: the ability to gather classroom resources and materials and the benefits of High Tech Hall in increasing members’ agility with technology. These videos had more than 400 views. In addition, we posted video from the Diane Ravitch speech, the Exhibit Floor, and from the Cerf discussion. Classroom Close-up, NJ also recorded and uploaded video to their Facebook and YouTube accounts, which NJEA shared across other platforms.  

Based on the success of these efforts at Convention, NJEA anticipates using social media at similar events in the future. To stay connected with NJEA, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and on