On June 19, the full Senate voted to approve the nomination of Kathy Goldenberg to the State Board of Education. Her approval knocks Vice President Joe Fisicaro off the board, as both are from Burlington County. There was no vote taken on the nominee who would replace board president Mark Biedron, Mary Elizabeth Gazi. Both Gazi and Goldenberg were approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 25.

The full Senate also approved of the nomination of Kimberley Harrington as Commissioner of Education. Her nomination was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 15.

On the same day Commissioner Harrington’s nomination was approved, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved six other State Board nominees: renominated members Arcelio Aponte (Middlesex), Ron Butcher (Gloucester), Jack Fornaro (Warren), Ernie Lepore (Hudson), Andrew Mulvihill (Sussex), and newly nominated member Sylvia Sylvia (Monmouth). These nominees await a full Senate vote.

Also on June 15, the governor withdrew the nomination of Nina Washington, who was slated to replace Edie Fulton, former NJEA president, and the nomination of Angel Cordero, who was to fill the seat vacated by Robert Haney. He nominated Mary Beth Berry, a retired teacher from Hunterdon County, to replace Haney’s vacant seat; and Nedd James Johnson, a retired school administrator and assistant superintendent from Salem County, to take the seat of Ilan Plawker, deceased.

With the withdrawal of the nomination of Nina Washington, Edie Fulton can continue to serve in her seat on the State Board of Education in holdover status until someone else is nominated and approved to take her seat.

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