1. Now That I’m President, What Do I Do? (offered all sessions)

PART 2 : 9/28-29 – 1-½ Day Workshop

For: New presidents

The job of an effective local president is the most challenging you’ll ever face in your association. This workshop is designed to help you identify those challenges, develop strategies to deal with them, and build a strong, effective association. Advocacy topics will be thoroughly discussed to empower you with all the information you need to lead your association.

This training begins prior to the start of the conference at 1:15 p.m. Participants should plan to arrive by 12:45 p.m.


2. Vital Skills for Experienced Presidents (offered 8/8-10)

For: Experienced presidents

Prerequisite: Now That I’m President, What Do I Do? or at least three years’ experience

So you survived your first term or two as president and you didn’t quit in spite of organizational issues, pressures, paperwork and power plays? Good for you!  Come learn how to create trust, inspire enthusiasm, and win over skeptics so someone else will want to step up to serve the membership when you decide to step down.


3. Basic Treasurer’s Training (offered 8/4-6 and 8/6-8)

For: Local treasurers

Learn the ABCs of being a local treasurer. Understand the fiduciary responsibilities of this important association role. Learn about building a budget and fiscal issues, understanding agency fee, implementing time management tools, taking the fear out of treasury audits and payroll, and laying the foundation for a computerized treasury. Lastly, understand the benefits of the Local Association Financial Assistance Program (LAFAP) form and learn how to complete a LAFAP through our online system.


4. Advanced Treasurer’s Training (offered 8/8-10)

Prerequisite: Treasurers who have completed Basic Treasurer’s Training

This course is designed for the experienced treasurer interested in using Quicken® to maintain the association’s books and conform to Local Association Financial Assistance Program (LAFAP) reporting requirements. It also includes further training on budgets, PAC/Philanthropic funds, LAFAP, and check reconciliation.

Enrollment limited to 18 participants (one per local). Computers will be provided.


5. Basic Grievance Processing (offered all sessions)

For: Any member who is new to grievance processing as either an association representative (AR) or as a grievance committee representative

This workshop will provide an introduction to the basic vocabulary, essential tools, complete process, and changing laws of grievance work from the local association level through court appeals. Problem-solving options will be made available to local grievance representatives. These will be reviewed through case studies illustrating specific solutions to real problems.

Participants need to bring copies of their collective bargaining agreements.


6. Advanced Grievance Processing (offered all sessions)

Prerequisite: Basic Grievance Processing or experience in processing grievances

Learn the skills needed, and why it is necessary, for the local association to present grievances effectively at the board of education level. Case studies and role playing will be utilized in group activities in order for participants to present a grievance to a board of education. Participants will be instructed in the following concepts prior to preparing their cases: past practice, clear vs. ambiguous contract language, just cause standards, management rights, maintenance of benefits, and duty of fair representation.


7. Legal Issues Affecting School Employees (offered 8/4-6 and 8/6-8)

For: All members

This workshop is an in-depth review of pertinent provisions of school and labor laws, and administrative and legal decisions affecting members. We will examine the impact of school and labor laws on employment, analyze techniques for proper forum selection for dealing with disputes (i.e., role of PERC, the commissioner of education, courts and agencies), review decisional law and legislative enactments, recognize statute applications/interpretations through case-by-case determination, and examine, analyze and review association roles.


8. Advanced Legal Issues (offered 8/8-10)

For: Experienced local leaders and grievance chairs or members who have completed Legal Issues Affecting School Employees

Advanced Legal Issues will provide a more in-depth exploration of subjects covered in the Legal Issues Affecting School Employees workshop. Topics will include arbitration, ULP, and tenure charge processes; in-depth case analysis; teacher seniority; crisis resolution; and past practice, just cause, and scope issues.


9. PERC Law (offered 8/4-6 and 8/6-8)

For: Negotiators, grievance committee representatives, and other association leaders

To assist in negotiations and representation, this workshop will focus on unfair labor practices and court cases outlining negotiability/arbitrability disputes including discipline, transfers, extracurricular assignments, and duty of fair representation. What constitutes past practice, just cause, and relief from unilateral changes in working conditions will be explored in depth.


10. AR – Key to a Strong Organization (offered all sessions)

For: Association representatives; open to all members

Learn the fundamentals and develop skills to become an association advocate. This program concentrates on contract enforcement, basic school law, member benefits, membership promotion, emerging instructional issues, legislative action, and your state and national association.


11. Basic Collective Bargaining (offered all sessions)

For: New and inexperienced negotiators

Master the essential phases of bargaining with particular emphasis on the role of laws in the negotiations process; organization of and preparation for negotiations; negotiations tactics and techniques; the use of mathematics in negotiations; the 2010 bargaining law; impasse resolution including mediation, fact-finding, and superconciliation; job actions and communication; and ratification.


12. Advanced Collective Bargaining (offered 8/4-6 and 8/6-8)

For: Experienced negotiators who have completed Basic Collective Bargaining or members who have actively participated in the bargaining process as a member of a team

Advanced Collective Bargaining workshop topics include hot topics at the table, getting to where we want to go and how to get there, salary guides (alternative methods of distribution), what do we do when the going gets tough, legislation affecting bargaining, and bargaining health benefits.


13. Basic Salary Guides (offered 8/4-6)

For: New local negotiators preparing for successful salary negotiations

Methods of costing, analyzing, and understanding salary guides will be presented. Successful salary negotiations techniques such as developing comparisons, member input, district’s ability to pay, planning salary guide workshops, and planning a successful ratification will be emphasized. Challenges facing ESP and inclusive local associations will be stressed. Current issues of importance will be discussed and successful strategies in these areas will be presented.

Participants must bring their current scattergram and collective bargaining agreement, including all salary guides.


14. Advanced Salary Guides (offered 8/6-8)

Prerequisite: Basic Salary Guides

The workshop will give participants an understanding of how salary guides are constructed and calculated. Participants will construct a base-year cost-out and salary guides for three additional years on an Excel spreadsheet. Knowledge of how a spreadsheet functions is essential. This training will expand on issues raised in Basic Salary Guides, as well as explore additional concerns and techniques.

Enrollment limited to 18 participants (one per local). Computers will be provided.


15. Bargaining Health Benefits (offered 8/6-8)

For: Negotiators and leaders with interest in benefits

Learn how to deal with board demands on health insurance issues at the bargaining table. This training will provide participants with a thorough understanding of the role of insurance benefits in achieving economic security. There will be extensive instruction on medical, dental, prescription and optical plans. This workshop will enable participants to review the legal framework, prepare for negotiations, and analyze board proposals.


16. Minority Leadership Training for Emerging & Experienced Leaders (offered 8/4-6)

For: All members

Recognizing that NJEA’s influence on public education is in direct proportion to an engaged membership, the Minority Leadership Training (MLT) Program prepares ethnic-minority members to be strong leaders, advocates, and full participants in their association. Participants will be introduced to the skills necessary to become an effective leader in their school, community and association.


* NEW 17. Economic Inequality—Understanding the Common Cause of Threats to Public Education (offered 8/4-6)

For: All members

Our union has always fought to protect public education, public school employees, and the students and communities we serve. At the root of many of these fights has been structural economic inequality—and it is only getting worse. Join an informative session on economic inequality and become part of a growing movement to combat the root causes of our struggles. You will leave this workshop with the knowledge and confidence to discuss economic inequality with co-workers, friends and family.


18. Engaging All Members (offered 8/8-10)

For: All members

Learn why membership matters and discover ways to support members while building their commitment and involvement. This is a great program for membership chairs, ARs, and those who would like to get other members involved in their local associations but don’t know where to begin. Learn about how to use NJEA resources to help your membership succeed, as well as attract and retain your volunteer corps. This workshop was previously titled “Engaging Your Members.”


* NEW 19. Using PRIDE as Effective Organizing Tool for Your Local (offered 8/8-10)

For: All members

PRIDE and FAST are widely used across the state to engage the community (PRIDE) and families (FAST) in the positive work of our members. This session will prepare local leaders, PRIDE and FAST chairs, and committee members to build strong and successful programs, building our union power and member engagement in the union.


20. Managing Conflict Effectively (offered 8/6-8 and 8/8-10)

For: All members

This workshop is designed to increase personal and association effectiveness in dealing with conflict in a positive fashion. Participants will learn a variety of techniques that enhance this process by developing new strategies in identifying and handling conflict. Discussion will focus on what causes conflict and how better communication can help prevent or resolve conflict. This workshop is hands-on and interactive.


* NEW CONTENT 21. Educational Support Professionals (ESP): You Are Essential, You Matter! (offered 8/3-5)

For: ESP members

Join fellow ESP members and experts on ESP issues in this lively workshop where you’ll gain the tools necessary to build your career and safeguard your interests. Just as you play an essential role in your school, your contribution to this workshop will ensure its success. Don’t miss out!

This workshop has a special schedule. Registration is at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, August 3. It concludes with lunch on Sunday, August 5.


22. Effective Political Advocacy Through Your Legislative Action Team (offered 8/4-6)

For: All members

If you are a member of your local or county Legislative Action Team (LAT), then this workshop is for you! Learn how to build a robust LAT by recruiting volunteers, communicating effectively, organizing for action, and building and maintaining relationships with elected public officials. This training will give you the skills to make your voice heard.


23. Advanced Political Advocacy Training for Legislative Action Teams (offered 8/6-8)

For: Members who have completed Effective Political Advocacy Through Your Legislative Action Team

Take political action in your local to the next level by learning best practices for developing relationships with policymakers and influencing their decisions. Hone your organizing skills for use in issue campaigns and in the 2018 election.


24. Policy Wonks (offered 8/8-10)

For:  Members who have completed Effective Political Advocacy Through Your Legislative Action Team

Dive deeper into the weeds of education policy issues and learn the backstory and impetus on pending legislation. Listen to and challenge policymakers, legislative staff, and issue experts.  Go back to your local “in the know” and ready to advocate!


25. Social Media for Local Associations (offered 8/8-10)

For: Local association social media editors

Learn how to successfully manage your local’s social media platforms to activate your membership, engage your community, and maximize your organizing efforts.

This workshop is for advanced social media users.

Enrollment limited to 18 participants (one per local). Computers will be provided.


26. Using Evaluation as an Organizing Tool (offered 8/6-8)

For: All members

Several years into TEACHNJ, evaluation continues to provide challenges for both individual members and local leaders. This session will provide an overview of the evaluation statute and associated regulations, but more importantly strategies for organizing your members around effective and transparent evaluation practices.


27. Organizing for Participatory Leadership (offered 8/4-6)

For: All members

Looking for ways to increase participation in your association? Interested in finding ways to build consensus and allow new leadership to emerge? Trying to find ways to include all the voices in the room when you run a meeting? Using practices from the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations develop new skills to work collectively to harness the shared knowledge and wisdom of your membership, creating a stronger union that can move forward towards wise action.


*NEW 28. Organizing for Participatory Leadership Advanced: Planning and Harvesting (offered 8/6-8)

For: All members

If you have some experience with World Cafe, Open Space, Circle Practice, or other hosting practices but have wondered about how to plan the right practice for the right project, or what to do with the harvest after the conversation is over, this workshop is for you. This workshop will focus on learning to design the right hosting practice, developing questions to lead you to the conversation you want to have, and using the information you harvest to plan next actions.


29. Leadership Development 101—A Beginner’s Guide for Association Leaders (offered 8/4-6)

For: All members

In this workshop we will explore principles of effective leadership and team building, effective communication and listening skills, principles of time and stress management, facilitation skills for leaders, importance of change management, and leadership scenarios for association leaders.


*NEW 30. Organizing Around Special Education Issues (offered 8/8-10)

For: All members

This workshop will include a brief review of hot topics in special education. Participants will explore strategies to influence special education practices in their districts through association member engagement. Approaches to community organizing will also be covered.


31. Advocating for Trauma Informed Care in Our Schools (offered 8/6-8)

For: All members

In this workshop, participants will briefly overview the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study.  Learn the impacts of trauma on the brain and the implications that it has in the classroom.  Discuss how Restorative Practices should be used as trauma-sensitive practices and procedures.  Explore the next steps your local can take to effectively respond to students exposed to trauma.


32. Websites for Associations (offered 8/6-8)

For: Association editors and webmasters

Have you been thinking of starting a website for your association but don’t know where to start? Do you already have a website but want to take it to the next level? NJEA’s affiliate website service has an easy-to-use page builder solution with new themes and features to do just that. This workshop will provide the opportunity for hands on instruction on the WordPress platform and other digital communications tools. Attendees will use a web-based content management system to create and manage their association website. Some technology skills recommended.

Enrollment limited to 18 participants (one per local). Computers will be provided.


33. How to Be a Powerful Public Speaker (offered 8/4-6)

For: All members

Learn how to look and sound your best when presenting to a group. Participants review techniques for preparing and delivering a speech. Each speaker will be videotaped for a self and group critique.

Enrollment limited to 18 participants (one per local).


*NEW TITLE 34. The Business of Membership Chairs (offered 8/4-6 and 8/6-8)

For: New, current, veteran, or up-and-coming membership chairs

This course is designed for both new and “seasoned” membership chairs. Learn what your responsibilities are and how to manage them using the various membership resources. You will be presented with an overview of all membership forms as well as the calendar of events and member engagement organizing tools. Participants will receive an in-depth understanding of the reports and information available to them while using MARS on the Web.

Please bring your own device (laptop, tablet, or phone). Part of the class will be spent online going through MARS on the Web.


35. Health Benefits and Pensions for Your Local (offered 8/6-8)

For: All members

Become your local’s go-to person for all of your members’ health benefits and pension questions. Learn the ins and outs of what you need to know when assisting your members in understanding health plan options, minimizing out-of-pocket health care costs, premium sharing contributions, preparing for retirement, understanding their pensions and more.


36. Money Matters: Now and Later (offered 8/6-8)

For: All members

This workshop is intended for local leaders who wish to become more proactive in strengthening their members’ knowledge of financial matters and in providing adequate solutions for supplemental pension plans. Topics will also include life insurance, income protection, estate planning and retirement income.


*NEW 37. NJ Public School Labor-Management Collaborative (offered 8/6-8)

For: All members

NJEA local associations across the state are participating in the NJ Public School Labor-Management Collaborative, which trains members to build capacity for collaborative work in their locals. Leaders in these locals report increased levels of member participation in association work and increased voice in the district decision-making processes. In this session, participants will hear from local association leaders and members involved in the Collaborative and engage in an interactive look at the potential benefits of building collaborative networks and relationships in their local associations.

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