Stephanie McLeod – Manalapan High School

Thunder Spirit 106 School Spirit Award Winner – February 2017

Why does this person deserve the School Spirit Award?

Stephanie deserves this award for many reasons. She is a social studies teacher for high school students. She goes above and beyond her job to make sure the students succeed not only in her class but in life. She is approachable to the kids if they have a problem or a question she makes it easy for the kids to approach with questions without making them feel silly for asking.

She is also the cross country and track coach. She is an amazing coach as she is teacher. She is so passionate about country and track that she does whatever she can to give the kids opportunities to race at special events, or have speakers come motivate them.

My daughter unfortunately had to get surgery freshman year in the middle of her cross country season. She was devastated saying they probably won’t let her back on the team or that she won’t be able to run again. Stephanie reassured Danielle that there is a spot on the team waiting for her when she recovers. She emphasized when, not if. She told Danielle she will come back stronger than ever, no doubt. She had the team write a card for her and arranged to have them present it to her when she came home. When she finally got clearance to run again, she worked closely with her to get her back in shape safely. She told Danielle that she will not let her injure herself by pushing her to hard. Her hard work paid off because she got varsity in the beginning of 10th grade!

Stephanie got my daughter from thinking she cannot run again to getting on the varsity team.

Unfortunately after that season, she found out she needed another surgery. But her coach/teacher was by her side motivating her saying she will get through this one, too, and that again not to worry about getting back on the team, or her school work, just focus on getting better. I thank God for Mrs. McLeod. It’s because of her that she has faith in teachers again. After all she has been through, there were quite a few teachers that weren’t as cooperative and actually almost discouraged her from becoming a teacher herself. Now because of Mrs. McLeod she says she is determined to become a teacher like her – caring, nurturing, and passionate about her job and determined to make a difference in students’ lives. Please consider her for this award.

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