A strong NJEA PAC depends on you

While we cannot see into the future and predict elections, one thing is certain: this time next year, Chris Christie will no longer be New Jersey’s governor. This fall, New Jersey will elect a new governor as well as representatives for all 120 seats in the Senate and Assembly. As a union, our pro-public education voice is significantly enhanced when we work to elect individuals who reflect our values.

Electing these individuals doesn’t happen by accident. It takes countless hours of campaign work and the help of political contributions made by the NJEA Political Action Committee (PAC) to help shape a pro-public education and pro-public employee Legislature. PAC is a member-supported, member-led effort.

The 125-member NJEA PAC Operating Screening committee represents all segments of our organization. These members—including NJREA representatives—meet with candidates, ask tough questions and decide which candidates earn the support of NJEA’s 200,000 active and retired members.

A robust NJEA PAC fund does not happen by accident either. Voluntary political contributions depend upon the commitment of active and retired members who understand the importance of supporting pro-public education, pro-union candidates. The fund cannot be sustained by only a few caring and committed individuals. Everyone must recognize that giving to PAC will ensure the right leaders are elected to protect the long-term availability of pensions and post-retirement medical benefits.

This spring, help support your county and help support pro-labor, pro-public education employee candidates: Make a contribution to PAC. Need a PAC contribution form? Be sure to check page 12 of the March issue of the NJREA Newsletter or visit www.njea.org/njrea to get find the form.

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