Account shut down by service provider; law enforcement notified

 Anonymous backers of Sen. Steve Sweeney’s increasingly desperate campaign have stooped to a new low this week, spamming the school emails of NJEA members in LD3 with political propaganda supporting Sweeney. The emails are created to appear as if they come from NJEA, which has endorsed his opponent Fran Grenier.

The people behind the political dirty tricks must know that Sen. Sweeney cannot compete and win on his record. Instead, they have resorted to lies designed to help Sweeney cling to power despite his abysmal record as a Senate President working in close coordination with Gov. Chris Christie.

NJEA President Marie Blistan called out the cowardly anonymous attackers for their misinformation campaign on behalf of Sweeney. “It says a lot about the state of Steve Sweeney’s campaign that his supporters are resorting to these disgraceful tactics. They are blatantly lying, and they are using school district resources to do it. We know that our members will not fall for their pathetic attempt, but that does not make it any less outrageous. We are going to be increasing our work in LD3 over the last days of this campaign to have personal conversations with all of our members. They deserve the truth, and they will hear that from fellow members, who will continue knocking on doors, making phone calls and ensuring that every NJEA member gets out to vote on Nov. 7. Every resident of LD3 deserves a better senator, as this week’s dirty tricks demonstrate.”

NJEA has alerted the authorities to the likely violation of both election law and other laws regarding electronic communication. Additionally, NJEA alerted MailChimp, the email service used to send the emails, and MailChimp has permanently closed the account. In its reply to the spam report, MailChimp wrote “As an Email Service Provider that holds a strict stance against unsolicited mail, we take spam complaints very seriously. Based on the provided information, we have located the account in question and have suspended them permanently.”

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