On Friday, April 16, 2021, at 3 p.m., six non-tenured County College of Morris (CCM) faculty members received RICE notices and were informed by phone of non-renewal due to “declining enrollment.”

Curiously, one of the faculty members is the union president, two are union leaders, and all are active in the union.

All but one of the faculty members teach in the humanities department, and all were on track to earn tenure beginning next year.

Additionally, CCM just received $12.7 million in federal stimulus money which can be for staffing purposes. These faculty non-renewals, called for by CCM President Tony Iacono, are nothing more than a form of union busting.

Email the Morris County Commissioners. Tell them to vote NO on the non-renewals of faculty members of the Community College of Morris. It is wrong to cut staff members during a pandemic.

The faculty consider the RICE notices a union-busting attack, since the college at no point in the past year contacted union officers to discuss any planned reduction in faculty numbers, restructuring of the contract, or other cost-cutting alternatives.

In an unprecedented move, the faculty union took a vote of no confidence in College President Tony Iacono with over 90 percent of the membership asserting a lack of confidence in Iacono’s leadership. The union representing department chairpersons took a similar vote on Sunday and had the same outcome.

Please help support your higher ed colleagues by clicking this link:


Tell the Morris County Commissioners that an injustice to one is an injustice to all!



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