Teach about the census

March will mark the beginning of the 2020 census, but educators have a responsibility to do their part in making sure that everyone participates and is counted. Funding for communities is, in part, based on population—a headcount that come directly from the census. Decisions are made using census data for special education, school lunches, and after-school programs, as well as child health programs, housing, and food assistance.

The best way educators can increase involvement in their school community is by bringing the census into their classrooms. The Census Bureau has a website full of resources and activities to help any educator make this a part of their lesson plans at www.census.gov/schools.

The other important way that educators can get involved is by signing up to become a census worker. The Census Bureau is hiring thousands of workers to make sure that everyone is included in the data collection and with current background checks, educators are a natural fit to assist their community. Visit recruitment.2020census.gov to learn more.

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