The Magic School Bus: Teaching Literacy Through Real World Experiences

Mercer County educators Dayna Kowalski and Laura Palumbo from Hamilton Township School District, were awarded a $3,650 continuation grant to carry out a project at Greenwood Elementary School in Hamilton.  

This project will help classroom lessons “come alive.” Students will increase their knowledge about weather, seasons, animal habitats and man-made environments. Students will visit four sites: Snipes Farm, Howell Living History Museum, Jenkinson’s Aquarium and Bucks County Children’s Museum. Students will learn and practice reading informational text when studying about weather, seasons, animal habitats, and man-made environments. Students will learn and practice writing when recording their observations about a field trip.

Students will prepare for each trip’s topic through reading aloud, mini lessons, and classroom learning centers. Effectiveness of this project will be monitored throughout the school year. Before each trip students will complete a questionnaire predicting what experiences they will have during the trip. Teachers will observe students and record their observations. Students will record their observations about field trips in their journals. Observations will be assessed using a writing rubric.

For more information, contact:

Dayna Kowalski, Project Coordinator
(609) 610-7752 (home)