Anita Kober of Hudson Co. and Peter Moran of Hunterdon Co. have been re-elected and elected, respectively, as New Jersey directors to the National Education Association Board of Directors by NJEA’s policy-making Delegate Assembly (D.A.).

Kober and Moran were elected in a second runoff mail election, which was held in late June and early July.

Three seats were up for election. Brenda Brathwaite of Atlantic Co. won a seat in the original election held in May, receiving 60.76% of the votes cast. The three-year terms begin Sept. 1, 2020.

The election was conducted among D.A. members by mail because of the Covid19 pandemic.

Seven candidates were originally nominated – Brathwaite, Kober, Moran, Carolyn McKinney-Croix, Michael Morton, Chrystal Parr-Allen, and Barbara Rheault. Since no other candidate besides Brathwaite received 50% or more of the vote in the initial election, a runoff mail election was held in early June. The two candidates who tied in receiving the lowest number of votes were dropped from that runoff ballot, as required under the D.A. rules.

Moran speaks at an NJEA Delegate Assembly meeting.

However, in the first runoff election, no candidates emerged with the required majority vote. Consequently, a second runoff election was required, with the lowest vote getter from the first runoff dropped from the second runoff ballot.

Voters were eligible to vote for up to two candidates: With 90 ballots cast, the results were as follows:

  • Anita Kober – 53 votes (58.89%)
  • Peter Moran – 45 votes (50%)
  • Barbara Rheault – 40 votes (44.4%)

Other NEA directors whose terms as New Jersey representatives are set to continue are: James Frazier, Jr. of Union Co., who is running for NEA secretary-treasurer, Deanna Nicosia-Jones of Cumberland Co., Robert LaMorte and Sue McBride of Bergen Co., Kimberly Scott-Hayden of Essex Co., and Marilyn Weeks of Middlesex Co.

Completing terms and going off the NEA Board of Directors are Richard D’Avanzo of Union Co. and Ann Margaret Shannon of Union Co.

Completing a term as a national ESP At-Large NEA director is Ashanti Rankin of Cumberland Co., who is running nationally for another term. Also finishing service on the national level is Amber Ingram of Seton Hall University, who represented NEA Aspiring Educators (preservice) on the NEA Board.

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