It’s easy!

   1.  Log onto

   2.  Enter your NJEA PIN and password. Note: Your PIN is on your NJEA Membership card and your password is the last for digits of your Social Security number, unless you’ve changed it. Or call NJEA Membership for help.

   3.  Click on VIRTUAL FAIR in the “Features” section.

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Money-saving quick tips

  1. Contact your auto insurance company and ask for a modified rate due to a reduction in driving. Contact California Casualty**, the only NJEA-endorsed Home and Auto insurance provider, at 866-680-5142 for a quote. NJEA members have annually saved hundreds of dollars, on average.
  2. Ask your lending institution about refinancing a mortgage. Get a quote from NJEA Member Benefits partners:- Buyer’s Edge, Inc.** – BetterWay Mortgage Co. at 800-971-7721 (Give them Group #: 3386 and Code: NJEA)
    – NEA Member Benefits** – First National Bank of Omaha at 855-290-9454
  3. Visit for money saving tips and offers on home office supplies, meals, personal care items, pet care, gifts and much more.
  4. Always check and search our full Member Benefits Directory to see if an affiliated provider has what you are looking for at a discount not offered to the general public.

*Member Discount Program and Access: Products and services listed in the NJEA Member Discount Program and Access are provided as a service to NJEA members and do not constitute an endorsement by NJEA or a representation regarding the products’ quality or characteristics. NJEA makes no warranties expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose regarding any products or services listed in the NJEA Member Discount Program and Access.

**Sponsored Vendors: Products and services that are sponsored by NJEA Member Benefits are believed to have broad-based appeal and provide superior quality and value. To the best of NJEA’s understanding, these products and services are worthy of sponsorship. However, NJEA cannot be responsible for the quality or performance of these products and services which ultimately is the responsibility of the vendor.

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