By Michele Oriente, Waterford Township Education Association

I am a fourth grade teacher in Waterford Township. I was hoping to put some smiles on my student’s faces and a little rain wasn’t going to stop me!

One of my favorite moments during a “normal” day in the classroom is at 8:30 in the morning. My students run in to my room, yell good morning, smile, wave, tell me stories about something that happened the night before, tell me about their pets and their sports. I give out lots of hugs to current and former students. I hear my name called 25+ times. I miss that. I miss teaching, but more than that I miss making connections with my students. I wanted them to know I’m very proud of everything they’ve done during this new “normal” and of course, I miss them very much.

So I decided to print yard signs with a special message from me to each of my students, and I enlisted my husband, who is always willing to go along with my ideas, to be my driver. I visited each of my students’ homes and left a yard sign in their front yard so they would know that they are in my thoughts always. 

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