For generations, NJEA members have placed the iconic NJEA tent calendar on their desks and other workspaces in public schools. New Jersey public school students who grew up to become New Jersey public school teachers or educational support professionals remember seeing the calendar on their teachers’ desks—making it almost a right-of-passage to receive a tent calendar of their own for their desks once they became NJEA members themselves.

In any other school year, it would be rare to walk into a public school classroom or office and not see the calendar. But because this fall’s circumstances preclude so many locals from safely distributing the calendar in person, this year’s calendar is a little different.

Instead of the traditional tent calendar, NJEA has created a wall calendar that can be reproduced at NJEA’s headquarters in Trenton and mailed on request. That process also allows it to be updated if needed in this year when the date and format of future events is always tentative.

To receive your calendar, go to and order a copy.

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