On March 14, 1986, the Women in Education Committee recommended to the Executive Committee that an annual Women in Education Award be established to honor New Jersey natives or residents.

In considering the honor, the committee believes the spirit of this award is evoked by NJEA’s first female president, Elizabeth A. Allen – a long-time Association activist and advocate in its early years who left an indelible imprint on the organization.


The award nominee must be an active or retired NJEA member or staff member or an individual living or working in New Jersey who promotes women’s rights and equality for all persons, particularly in education. Individuals who are eligible for NJEA membership must be NJEA active or retired members.

Nominees must meet at least two of the following five criteria:

  1. Be engaged in activities that support or advance the rights of women in public education.
  2. Contributes or contributed to motivating colleagues and /or students to work on or make progress in addressing issues affecting women in public education and in the community at large.
  3. Have established programs, developed activities, or held events that are designed to educate or empower women and bolster their rights.
  4. Informs and enhances opportunities for women to assume leadership positions.
  5. Is a strong advocate for human, civil, and women’s rights.

Nominees may not be current members of the Women in Education Committee.

Nomination process

Any NJEA member or county or local association may nominate an individual to be considered for the award.

Nominations must include:

  1. A letter limited to two pages (typed in 12-point font, double-spaced) submitting the nomination, including:
    • the name and position of the nominee;
    • a general description of how the nominee meets the award criteria as specified above;
    • how long and in what capacity the individual making the nomination has known the nominee and the nominee’s professional work and accomplishments;
    • the name, position, and contact information for the individual making the nomination.
  2. A maximum two-page (typed, 12-point font) resume or biographical summary detailing the nominee’s contact information, background, accomplishments, and other honors or achievements.
  3. A specific one-page (typed, 12-point) list of activities and accomplishments that support the required criteria listed above. Please add supporting documentation specific to categories under criteria. Documentation examples to include, but not limited to, news coverage, certificates, letters of commendation and links to video.
  4. If the nominee is an active member, a letter of support/endorsement from the local or county association president – whoever is most appropriate depending on the reason for the nomination (limited to two pages, typed in 12-point font, double-spaced).

Nominations with the required materials must be submitted by Oct. 29, 2021 to:

NJEA Women in Education Committee
C/o Meredith Barnes, NJEA Communications
P.O. Box 1211, Trenton, NJ 08607

Or email mbarnes@njea.org.

The award recipient must be available to attend the awards ceremony at the Human and Civil Rights Celebration on Saturday, Jan. 16, 2022.


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