West Milford Township High School students will be blogging soon thanks to a $7,985 grant awarded to educator Deana Pezzino. Creation of a blog will give students a voice, while teaching them the importance of online citizenship.

During the research phase of the project, blogging equipment will be purchased and set up in the classroom as part of a “blogging corner,” and the platform for the online blog will be established. During this phase, students will become familiar with the different elements of blogging while learning the importance of internet safety and copyright laws. Students will research current educational blogs to construct a vision for the class blog. They will practice blogging and perform peer evaluations on their work.

Students will write scripts for films and podcasts, learn to use cameras to film sequences, and practice speaking using a microphone. Once the students have gained an understanding of media communications, they will work on their first blog assignment which can include a post via podcast, video and text. Through practice, students will collaborate to create guidelines for different types of blog posts.

When the blog is launched, each week a different class will be responsible to post a blog in order to maintain it. Science professionals will be invited to post a guest blog. Students will be applying their knowledge to real-world scenarios, weighing in on issues that interest them with an authentic audience, not just the teacher.

At the conclusion of the year, students will collaborate to evaluate the blog’s success and develop an improved plan for the following school year.

For more information, contact:

Deana Pezzino
(973) 697-1701 (West Milford Twp. H.S.)

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