NJEA Patriots Alliance

Continuing Service

NJEA members who are military retirees, veterans, JROTC instructors, reservists, and NJ National Guard are building a coalition based on the common bonds of service to country and community. You’re invited to join NJEA Patriots Alliance.

“Our relationship is a strong one, forged at a unique crossroads of military camaraderie, mentorship, advocacy and education.”  —Dan Staples, President of Manchester Township EA & US Marine speaking on his friendship with a fellow teacher, union member, and US Marine.

Like you, many of your fellow NJEA members have served in the military. What better commonality for members across all job categories to network and share important information related to your public school position.

Our Mission

NJEA Patriots Alliance is a community within the association to discuss ways to help your schools, your community, and each other succeed. It’s a place to find resources that can help you coordinate your medical benefits with the VA, help answer your pension questions, and share bargaining language that recognizes your military service.

Troops to Teachers

We’re working with the NJ Department of Education’s liaison to the national program, Troops to Teachers. This program helps active duty military whether upon retirement or upon discharge transition to the classroom as teachers. If we buddy up with a new teacher fresh from the military, we offer them a community of ready support.

Join In

To be added to our mailing list to find out about meetings and activities, send your name and information to Meredith Barnes, NJEA Communications.