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An injustice to ONE union member is an injustice to ALL!

Join the members of the FACCM as they rally for educational justice on July 10 at 12 pm at JFK Park in Dover, NJ.

Stay strong FACCM!

Save CCM Faculty #SaveCCM #CCMsaysNOtoTonyIacono #UnionStrong

It's simple:

As of last Friday, 4.7 million -- or 70% -- of New Jerseyans received their COVID-19 vaccinations. This is great news for students, parents, educators and schools because it means our schools will be that much safer and that much is closer to "normal" this Fall.

But we can do better.

In fact, we need to do better.

For student safety and school normalcy, make it a priority to get vaccinated this summer. Because in the end, the higher the percentage, the safer our schools.


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Celebrate in June. Work, learn and love all year long: https://bit.ly/3vGMLYR #Pride ...