Families and Schools Together Work for Children

What is F.A.S.T.?

NJEA’s Families and Schools Together Work for Children (FAST) program works to encourage families to be involved in their children’s education, to enhance their academic progress, and to feel welcome in public schools. FAST is a coalition of education advocates, community groups, and schools working together to foster family involvement.

F.A.S.T. Program Activities

  • Partnerships, discussions, and programs focusing on family involvement.
  • Support for legislation that would allow parents to take time away from work, without loss of pay, to address children’s needs at school.
  • Family involvement workshops through which parents and caregivers learn more about helping children succeed in school. These events include activities for children so that families can attend them together.
  • Visits by school employees to participating places of worship and other community meeting places to invite and encourage parents and caregivers to participate in teacher conferences and school activities.
  • FAST is a jointly sponsored effort of the New Jersey Education Association, its local affiliates, the Statewide Parents Advocacy Network, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, with additional program support from the NAACP Statewide Education Committee.

To find out how your district can participate, contact Mike Rollins at (609) 599-4561 ext. 2368 or email him below.

Program Guidelines

  • Homework Help

    Providing parents with strategies to support homework at home –Can send home a pencil case with supplies for homework at home.

  • Math Game Night

    Night of math games with parents and children to support math curriculum – Can send home a game such as dominos to support playing games at home.

  • Healthy Food for the Healthy Mind

    Ideas for easy, healthy and low cost snacks and meals – Can be hands on preparation or trying samples, can send home a lunch box or water bottle.

  • Bilingual Parent Meetings

    Host a meeting in languages spoken by parents in the community – Can send home materials in useful languages and contact for bi-lingual people in schools.

  • Mentoring Programs

    Working with a community partner organization to provide mentoring to students, setting up on going mentoring for students.