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NJEA is proud to represent faculty and staff at our 19 community colleges. NJEA is committed to protecting the interests of our members and students in higher education. NJEA supports local associations’ efforts to negotiate for improvements in salary, fringe benefits, and working conditions. The safeguarding of academic freedom, tenure, the retirement system, and the School Employees’ Health Benefits Program are a major function of NJEA’s Higher Education advocacy.

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Did you know that about eighty percent of college students change their majors at least once? Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to make a decision at a high tuition, four-year university, consider New Jersey’s outstanding community colleges. Community colleges offer a top-notch education at an affordable price.

Community colleges offer flexible schedules, smaller class sizes, qualified professors and support staff, extracurricular activities and athletics. Explore a wide range of major and career options. Earn college credits while deciding the best career route for you.

So start college the smart way – save money and time while getting a solid education at New Jersey’s 19 community colleges.

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