Advocacy Training

NJEA provides a variety of workshops throughout the year to improve members’ advocacy skills. These trainings ensure that every member has the opportunity to develop themselves as advocates for themselves, their profession, and their students.

Your Advocacy Portfolio

Not sure which workshops you’ve taken in the past? Need a place to keep track of your NJEA advocacy trainings? Your Advocacy Portfolio is an online record of the statewide NJEA advocacy workshops you have attended, starting with 2011 SLC. You can also add your local/county trainings or statewide trainings prior to 2011 SLC to your personal Advocacy Diary.

Winter Leadership Conference

All levels of association leaders—from seasoned veterans to new members—benefit from the specialized advocacy training and networking opportunities offered at NJEA’s Winter Leadership conferences.

Summer Leadership Conference

The Jack Bertolino Summer Leadership Conference offers a broad menu of workshops that equip members to become stronger association advocates.

Collective Bargaining Summit

The annual Jim George Collective Bargaining Summit is an opportunity for local associations to come together for training opportunities that benefit members at the bargaining table.

ESP Conference

The NJEA ESP Conference offers training sessions and workshops that empower ESP members with the skills and information they need to assist with organizing, building stronger locals, and enhancing professional development.

Health & Safety

Join school safety experts to learn how to demand healthier schools and be equipped with the knowledge you need for the fight.

Legislative Conference

The NJEA Walter J. O’Brien Legislative and Political Action Conference provides members an opportunity to get educated, get organized and get involved.

Higher Education

NJEA members from New Jersey colleges navigate through members’ issues and interests at the annual NJEA Higher Education Conference.


The annual NJEA Preservice Conference is planned and designed especially to assist students in developing their leadership qualities and skills.